I’m a rising junior majoring in Biology, with a focus on Neurobiology, and minoring in Art History and CS at Stanford University. I grew up on delicious Romanian foods like “sarmale” (sour cabbage rolls stuffed with minced pork meat, rice, and spices, slowly boiled in tomato juice in granny’s old iron pot for almost a whole day) and “cozonac” (sweet-bread with a walnuts-cocoa-raisins or poppy seeds filling), made out of almost-entirely organic ingredients; consequently, I am a tremendous foodie, and my bowels never quite adapted to the chemicals in non-organic and highly processed food, so I am FORCED to eat healthily.

Last year, I lived in a lovely co-operative house, hoping that all the cooking I’d do there would bring me to Masterchef finalist level. With a bit to go until reaching that goal, and being entirely responsible for feeding myself this summer, I decided I’d try very hard to learn more about cooking, cook great dinner every night, and document my adventures on the way.

Happy reading!



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